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2018.9.25 Press Release





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Japan EO Satellite Service, ltd (JEOSS) announces the Start of Commercial Operation .


Tokyo Japan – September 25, 2018 – JEOSS is pleased to announce today to start the commercial sales of ASNARO-2 imagery product, the first Japanese commercial and very high resolution small X-band synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) satellite.


ASNARO-2 has launched on 18 January, 2018, and it has been designed to acquire very high resolution imagery, 1.0m resolution at Spotlight mode and expected to be utilized as supplement larger satellites.


“In the forthcoming era of digital transformation, satellite remote sensing will be a part of “social big data” by fusing into IoT.  With high-end remote sensing ASNARO-2 data and state of the art ICT technology, JEOSS supports needs from human societies in the world to live in safety and security.” says Yasuo Horiuchi, CEO of JEOSS.


JEOSS is planning to announce worldwide reseller network very soon, and it is expected to expand ASNARO-2 imagery product sales in all over the world.

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