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Message from our CEO



代表取締役 堀内 康男

Message from our CEO

Japan EO Satellite Service Ltd, (JEOSS) is a company with mission to contribute to safe and secure society by providing very-high-resolution (VHR) remote sensing data and services.
Innovation in technology of developing small & high-resolution earth observation (EO) satellites and unceasing social demand for safety and security of the world, leads to reinforce a value of space as a social infrastructure. In dealing with such worldwide expectations, NEC Corporation, the leading company of space industry in Japan, has established JEOSS for offering high-quality and high-reliability EO satellite data and services to various customers. Our new satellite ASNARO-2, a cutting-edge VHR radar satellite, has started its commercial service since Sep. 2018.
In the forthcoming era of digital transformation, satellite remote sensing will be a part of “social big data” by fusing into IoT. With high-end remote sensing and state of the art ICT technology, JEOSS supports to needs from human societies in the world to live in safety and security.

Yasuo Horiuchi, CEO