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Our 1st X-band weather-independent Radar (SAR) Satellite with 1m resolution called “ASNARO-2” was successfully launched on 18 Jan 2018.
We, JEOSS - Japan EO Satellite Service ltd., the satellite operator in Japan, will be back with newly updated website shortly.

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Brief Specification of ASNARO-2

Launch 18 Jan, 2018 launched by Epsilon Rocket (JAPAN)
Start of service September 2018
Mass 570kg
Design Life 5 years
SAR sensor X-band Parabola SAR
Collection mode: Typical resolution / Swath
- Spotlight mode: 1.0m GSD / 10x10km
- Strip map mode: 2.0m GSD / 12x12 up to 800km
Orbit Sun Synchronous Orbit
Alt : Approx. 500 km

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